Refugee Sets Hotel on Fire, Draws Swastika To Get New Room

Anything for a room with a view!

The blaze destroyed parts of the Eidt guest house in the Sponsheim district of Bingen am Rhein, where migrants are housed and processed, on Thursday.

The blaze destroyed parts of the Sponsheim district hotel on Thursday, which is used to house and process migrants in Bingen am Rhein in southwest Germany, according to the UK Express.

The 26-year-old Syrian who had been living at the asylum center for 6 months told people he was fed up with living in the cramped quarters, the paper reported.

German authorities assumed it was a racist attack sparking outrage among local residents, according to local media reports.

But the bad hotel guest, whose name has not been released, had actually staged it to appear as if members of the country’s far-right political group were to blame, sources told the paper.

The Syrian spray-painted the swastikas on a wall above an entrance to the cellar of the hotel.

Roughly 26 people were inside the center when it burst into flames. Nobody was seriously injured.

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