Reopen Tair Rada Murder Case

n a new development in the the murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada a decade ago, T., another former boyfriend of the woman who allegedly confessed to killing Rada, partially confirmed the accusations against her in an exlusive interview with JL and called on the police and the prosecution Thursday to “reexamine the allegations in depth and reopen the case.”

A few days after the Channel 8 docuseries “Shadow of the Truth” aired a testimony by A., who claimed his ex-girlfriend confessed to him that she murdered Rada, T., who was seeing the woman up until a few months ago, told Ynet that he questioned her many times about the murder and received evasive answers.

“She never confessed to me that she committed the murder. On the other hand, she never completely denied it. I never received an unequivocal ‘no’ from her or a statement saying ‘I did not carry that act out.’ There were always stories accompanying the ‘no.’ I have my doubts,” T. said.

T. said his ex-girlfriend was afraid that the case will be reopened or that the man convicted of the killing, Roman Zadorov, will be acquitted. “She was afraid of having to go back to the offices at the police’s Central Unit, of going back to the interrogation rooms. She was afraid for a reason.

It’s possible she is afraid to break down and confess.

She is capable of doing that. If I were to tell you that I think this is something that she is totally unable to do, I would be lying to you.”

Six years after the murder, A., who was seeing the woman at the time of the murder, reported to police that his ex-girlfriend was the one who murdered Rada inside a bathroom stall at the Nofey Golan high school in Katzrin.

A.’s testimony was examined at the time by the judges of the Supreme Court, who decided not to accept his claims, while police found his version of events to be baseless.

It was also claimed A.’s testimony derived of his desire to frame his former girlfriend.

On the other hand, the creators of “Shadows of the Truth” claim A. had undergone three different polygraph tests, and was found to be speaking the truth in all of them.

“Everything was very planned with her,” A. told the show creators in an interview. “When we were lying in bed in the dark, we started talking in whispers. I started asking her what happened.”

A. said his girlfriend is mentally unstable, loves the sight of blood, and believes there’s a “she-wolf” inside of her that makes her want to cut people and see their internal organs.

In 2012, about six years after the murder, the girlfriend was hospitalized at a psychiatric institute. After three years, her roommate, Anat, committed suicide.

Anat’s friend, May Peleg, recounted a story she heard from Anat. “One day Anat came to me and shared with me a story that (her roommate) told her.

She told her she had a frog in her belly that was really thirsty for human blood and that she was willing to murder to quench that thirst. (The roommate) told her of an instance in which she tried to murder a friend but was caught, and said there was a case before that when she wasn’t caught.

“Anat was pretty shocked by it and we were torn about what to do. Anat consulted with me on what to do, who to turn to. Unfortunately while we were still debating it, Anat left us. To me, Anat’s will is an unwritten one she left me – to bring this story to an end,” Peleg continued.

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