Report: Indictments Expected Shortly In Charles Hynes Probe

Brooklyn, NY – Serious legal issues are said to be looming for former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, with sources reporting that a probe of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office may result in indictments within the next few days.

According to the New York Post, a federal grand jury will be meeting this week in regard to alleged improprieties by Hynes.

A 27 page report released by the New York City Department of Investigation in 2014 accused Hynes of using forfeiture funds to pay political consultant Mortimer Matz $1.1 million.

The DOI report also said that Judge Barry Kamins improperly provided Hynes with legal, campaign and judicial advice.

Kamins ultimately stepped down from his post as the chief administrator for the New York City Criminal Court as a result of the DOI report.

Both Hynes and his lawyer Robert Hill Schwartz were unable to comment due for medical reasons.

The 81 year old Hynes, who served as district attorney for more than two decades, is recovering from a “serious and incapacitating stroke” according to Schwartz’s office, while Schwartz is recovering from open heart surgery.

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