Report: Mossad Informed Cyprus of Impending Attack

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida quoted exclusive sources who said that the Mossad passed information to authorities in Cyprus that led to the arrest of a Lebanese-Canadian individual last Friday after two tons of ammonium nitrate was found in his basement and he was accused of planning terror attacks on Israeli sites using the chemically explosive material.

The arrested man is also suspected of working with Hezbollah in Lebanon and even being in contact with the group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Sources cited in the Al Jarida report claimed that the Mossad had closely followed the man’s movements for some time after receiving a tip that he was planning an attack. Al Jarida also cited the sources saying that the suspected Hezbollah operative was scouting out Israeli targets in Larnaca and that he was seen just meters from the house of the Israeli ambassador to Cyprus.

According to the newspaper, the Mossad informed authorities in Cyprus only after they knew that the man had acquired the massive amounts of ammonium nitrate.

Additionally, an Israeli source told Al Jarida that the Mossad was listening in on the suspect’s phone conversations, including those of a personal nature made while in Cyprus.

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