Road Rage NYPD Cop Who Killed Delrawn Small Stripped of Gun and Shield

The off-duty cop who shot dead another motorist in Brooklyn has been stripped of his gun and shield, the NYPD said Monday.

Officer Wayne Isaacs was placed on modified duty and will work a desk job while the NYPD and the state Attorney General’s office investigate evidence – including seemingly damning video that contradicts what Isaacs said happened before he shot Delrawn Small, 37, in a road-rage incident in East New York early on July 4.

The video shows Smalls getting shot within seconds of approaching Isaacs’ car.

Isaacs had previously claimed he opened fire from the seat of his car because Small had punched him in the face at least twice.

The incident was sparked moments earlier when Small, angry because he felt Isaacs had cut him off on Atlantic Ave., followed the cop for several blocks before getting out of his car and confronting him.

Isaacs, a three-year veteran, had been assigned to the 79th Precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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