Robert Soros Made Out With Girlfriend In Front of Wife

One thing billionaire George Soros and his 51-year-old son Robert appear to share is an interest in much-younger women.

On a flight back from the Venice Biennale to New York on Sunday, Robert was seen making out with his new 29-year-old girlfriend Jamie Singer throughout most of the flight, in front of his soon-to-be ex-wife who was seated just a few rows back, according to the New York Post.

Robert’s father George Soros, the 84-year-old Hungarian-American business magnate, married a woman exactly half his age in a lavish ceremony two years ago.

Robert, who serves as the president of the family’s $28billion Soros Fund Management firm, is currently in the midst of a bitter divorce from his wife Melissa Schiff, a photographer and filmmaker.

Disregarding their 22 years of marriage and the two college-aged children they raised, Robert appears to have vindictively tried to make his ex suffer through the flight over the weekend.

‘Robert and Jamie were openly affectionate for the entire flight, while they knew Melissa was seated five or six rows behind,’ a source told the Post. ‘

Melissa had to endure 8 ¹/₂ hours of this behavior all the way back to New York. She didn’t make a scene, but it was uncomfortable for her and for others in the business-class cabin who were appalled by his brazen behavior.’

The couple reportedly split when Robert started romancing Meredith Ostrom, an artist known for painting with her naked body. It appears that that relationship has since floundered.

At stake in the Soros’ divorce is a $13million Manhattan townhouse, their country home in upstate New York called Enterprise Farm, and a $9million waterfront cottage on Martha’s Vineyard.

Melissa’s attorney Bernard Clair told the Post of Roberts plane PDA: ‘These types of antics will make it much harder to privately resolve this divorce out of court.’

Robert’s new girlfriend Singer is the CEO of tech firm Ussie, and the couple have been seen together attending the Public Art Fund’s benefit in New York and the Kentucky Derby.

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