Russians Buzz Macy’s Parade With Drone

Guess they didn’t get the memo.

A bone-headed father-son duo obliviously flew their toy drone over the highest-security event in the nation today — the Macy’s Parade.

Despite heightened security levels, the Russian tourists were flying the potentially threatening contraption above the parade around 10:30 a.m. at the starting point at Central Park West and W. 77th St., police ​sources told The Post.

The dumbfounded 14-year-old son – who lives with his mother in Florida – told The Post that the police “thought I was a terrorist” while his 41-year-old father​, visiting from Russia,​ ushered him out of the 20th Precinct.

​He was slapped with a summons, but the pair got to keep their drone, authorities said.​ ​Police also found the ​drone flight over the parade a strange choice.

“It’s not the wisest thing to do with the heightened security for terrorism,”​ a source said. “But what can you do?”

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