Scottish Rabbi Tells Parliament of Violent Anti-Semitic Attack

Leading Jewish religious leader says his kippah was thrown on ground less than a mile away from parliament.

A leading Scottish rabbi told parliament that he and his family were recently the victims of a violent anti-Semitic attack that saw his kippah thrown on the ground, the Scottish Herald newspaper reported on Saturday.

Rabbi Yossi Bodenheim, the Jewish Chaplain for Scottish universities, was walking with his wife and children in Edinburgh less than half a mile from the Scottish parliament when a woman shoved his wife and threw his kippah on the ground, he said.

“My wife and I took our four young children for a walk in this beautiful city,” he told lawmakers.

“However, as we were walking, a woman pushed my wife aside, grabbed my kippah, threw it on the ground and ran away. That took place less than a mile from here.”

The attack comes months after a Scottish government-funded study said one in six Jews in Scotland hide their identities, while many are “afraid” to go about their lives, the Herald noted.

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