Sebastian Gorka Denies Ties To Pro-Nazi Groups

President Trump’s controversial deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka on Sunday denied any links to pro-Nazi groups and compared the fight against the Islamic State to the battle to end Hitler’s monstrous reign.

“When the black flag of ISIS is rejected like the Nazi flag is today, we will have won,” the counter-terrorism expert said during an interview at the Jerusalem Post’s annual conference in Manhattan.

Gorka, an American citizen born in Britain to Hungarian parents, has been the subject of reports that he may be forced out of the White House over claims he harbors anti-Semitic views and has a connection to a far-right Hungarian group.

He denied he is a member of Vitezi Rend, an organization established in the 1920s by Hungary’s Nazi-allied leader Miklos Horthy, which the State Department considers pro-Nazi.

“I have spent my life fighting against totalitarian ideologies, and so has my father,” Gorka, 46, said at the conference. “For me, jihadis are linked to fascists because they are totalitarians – and that is why I am proud of working for this administration.”

He characterized reports that he was being forced out at the White House as “fake news.”

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