Secret Service Agents Caught Sleeping on Duty

A U.S. inspector general is planning to issue a formal management alert after three government findings that the Secret Service might be suffering from sleep deprivation.

The Washington Post reported this morning that ever since a number of radio failures were observed after a man jumped the White House fence last year, the Department of Homeland Security has been conducting a routine check of the Service’s facilities and communications equipment.

During their visits, they reportedly found two officers at different sites that were fast asleep on the job.

Service leaders submitted objections on the findings to three officials, Inspector General John Roth has found that overscheduling is a likely factor to the agents’ lack of alertness.

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy reportedly promised to improve staffing numbers and cut back on hours.

An administrative panel recommended increasing staff numbers by 85 agents and 200 officers to balance out the hours with the necessary posts.

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