Senior Hebrew U. Lecturer Accused of Sexual Harassment

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is dealing with two complaints by female students of sexual harassment by a senior member of the faculty, according to a report on Channel 10 news on Monday.

Steps have been taken in one case to restrict encounters between the complainant and the teacher, after the university’s commission for the prevention of sexual harassment conducted a preliminary examination and found grounds for the accusation.

Two months ago, the student in this case initially presented her allegations of sexual harassment and indecent acts by the lecturer. A comprehensive investigation by the university of her claims led to similar allegations from a second student.

According to the women, the teacher made humiliating comments of a sexual nature to the students, such as “Everyone knows that Yemenite women are hot,” and touched them inappropriately and against their will during office hours in his on-campus office, to which he had invited them. The university is trying to ascertain whether there are additional students with similar allegations against the faculty member.

In a statement, the university confirmed the submission of the first complaint and its examination by the body charged with preventing sexual harassment, adding that the matter had been referred to the faculty disciplinary authority. It noted that the latter took a number of urgent steps against the alleged offender and emphasized that the university is active in eliminating expressions of sexual harassment and has a zero-tolerance policy where such activity is concerned.

In certain previous cases, Hebrew University said in the statement, it has prosecuted offenders to the full extent of the law.

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