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T.O.T. Services: Private Consulting Serving The Jewish Orthodox Community Worldwide

T.O.T. Private Consulting specializes in a variety of investigative services for the Orthodox Jewish community worldwide, including surveillance, matrimonial and missing persons. Our experienced team of investigators are themselves practicing Jews whose familiarity with the Orthodox lifestyle, including the language and customs, enables us to integrate into the Jewish communities and discreetly perform our investigations.

What people who have worked with us have to say

I confirm that I have known Joe Levin for a long time, our relationship are in social, business and working together. At all times I have found Joe to be dependable, hard working, honest and reliable. I would be happy to provide further information if required.
Sincerely .

Haim Barak
Haim BarakFrom Israeli Intelligence based in Toronto

Dear Joe Levin,
I want to thank you for your quick response and for your expert service in helping to save this child. The parents had no idea where their child was and you came to the rescue. He was over dosed with drugs and with your help he started treatment and recovery B”H. May Hashem bless you with all the blessings.


Rabbi N.Y.
Rabbi N.Y.Twersky, Brooklyn NY

Dear Joe Levin,
I can’t thank you enough for the case I sent you. Due to your expertise and excellent service, this woman received a GET after several long years of fighting. With G-D’s help may you continue helping others. All the best and Shabbat shalom!

Y. Shlomo
Y. ShlomoParis France

Core Services

  • Search & Rescue

    T.O.T. Search and Rescue Worldwide. Please contact us on our Emergency hotline at 212-933-9289 and press option 1 For Emergency only
    At T.O.T Private Consulting we specialize in locating missing persons, who are in hiding, within the Orthodox Jewish community.

  • Following Services

    Surveillance is a highly effective tool in an investigation, often used to uncover fraud and cases of infidelity.

  • Criminal Cases

    If you find yourself being investigated by police or you are a suspect in a criminal case, T.O.T. Private Consulting is here to help.

  • Matrimonial/Get

    Do you suspect your husband is having an affair? Is your wife’s behavior a cause for concern? We can ease your fears and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Sexual Misconduct Consulting

    Sexual misconduct within Orthodox Jewish circles, especially within business and education, can have devastating consequences for the victims.

  • Crisis Management

    When a situation in your life spirals out of control and threatens to undermine the integrity of your family or business, T.O.T is on hand to provide you with the tools to effectively deal with the crisis and tame it.

  • K-9 Dogs

    We provide explosives and narcotics K9 detection services for the, Jewish Institutes .


Suspicions can be hard to shake off when they are constantly being tested. Whether you are suspicious that a spouse is having an affair, or you suspect that your child is using drugs, make sure to turn to us first. We will help you separate fact from fiction.

Here are some suspicious behavioral signs you might want to pay attention to in a spouse:

1. Your spouse dutifully erases mobile phone logs. Hiding the incoming/outgoing log in a mobile phone may indicate that your spouse is having conversations he does not want you to know about.
2. Hiding mobile phone bills and obsessively clinging to the phone.
3. Conducting phone conversations while sitting in the car and not using the house phone.
4. Frequent and unusual trips abroad.
5. Your spouse claims he is spending time with many new found friends.
6. Your spouse uncharacteristically brings you presents, without any particular reason.
7. Your spouse avoids spending personal time with you.

Some signs of suspicious behavior in a child:

1. Behavior that is out of character.
2. Regularly coming home late.
3. Red eyes.
4. Locking himself/herself in their room.
5. Rebelling in school.
6. Constant lying.
7. Violent behavior.

If you become aware of a number of these signs, contact T.O.T. Private Consulting. We can help reveal whether your suspicions have any truth to them by performing a thorough and discrete private investigation. The results will allow you to make an informed decision on what course of action you wish to take.