T.O.T. Search and Rescue Worldwide

Please contact us on our Emergency hotline at 844-576-2853 and press option 1 For Emergency only


  • T.O.T. Coordinate Ground Search and Rescue.

  • T.O.T Search and Rescue By Air.

  • T.O.T Ground search and rescue.

  • T.O.T Search and Rescue K-9 Dogs.

  • T.O.T. Air-sea Rescue.

  • T.O.T. Medical Unit.

Locating Missing Persons and Conducting a Search:

1 – Contacting the Police and Filing Reports.

2 – Contact the person’s friends and acquaintances.

3 – Check with hospitals and coroners in the area.

If the missing person was in an accident, he or she might be in a local hospital and unable to

communicate for some reason. In some tragic cases, a missing person will be found with a coroner or

medical examiner.

Call all facilities in your area to rule these possibilities out.

• When you make the calls, ask for the missing person by name.

• If no one by that name is on record there, ask if they have unidentified people in their care who

resemble your missing person.

4 – Check social media sites.

This is an important way to gain information about the days leading up to the person’s disappearance.

Check his or her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts and determine whether recent

activity contains any clues. Look at the missing person’s friends’ sites as well.

• Print out correspondence and activity that seems as though it could lead to the missing person’s


• Report any activity that might be a clue to the case worker at the police department.

5 – Put up fliers with a picture and description of the missing person.

6 – Ask people to spread the word and Alert the local media.

Getting the media involved is another important way to publicize the fact that you’re looking for a

missing person.

The person may see the announcement and decide to return home, and others will be on the lookout

for the missing person.

Alerting the media may also cause the police department to devote more resources to solving the case.

•Send photos and videos of the missing person to your local TV stations.

  • Call your local newspapers and ask them to publish an article on the missing person.
  • Take out an ad in a weekly newspaper.
  • Send information to local blogs and websites.

7 – Consider hiring a private investigator.

In many cases, the missing person will see the fliers and decide to return home.

In other cases fliers can alert friends and neighbors who might have information about the missing

person’s whereabouts.

Put up the fliers in the neighborhood where the missing person lived and around places where he or she

spent time.

Hang your posters in prominent locations, like gas stations, grocery stores, post offices, banks, drug

stores, a local library, Synagogue, churches, hospitals, homeless shelters, parks and hiking trails.

Be sure to include a recent, clear photograph of the missing person.

Include the person’s age, a physical description, and the date he or she went missing.

Include contact information as well.

8 – Provide the Police With information About the Missing Person.

  • 3 current photos of the person.
  •  A physical description including height, weight, age, hair color, eye color, build.
  • A description of the clothing and shoes the person was last seen wearing.
  •  A list of possessions the person might be carrying or articles on the person, like jewelry, glasses,

contact lenses, accessories, a purse, a wallet, ID cards.

* A list of scars, tattoos, and other identifying characteristics.

  •  A list of medications the person was taking, allergies, handicaps, and other medical conditions.
  •  A list of people related to or friends with the missing person, along with contact information.
  •  A list of places the person frequents
  •  A description of the car the person may be traveling in, or a different mode of transportation if


  •  A description of the situation surrounding the person’s disappearance

9 – Contact the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

10 – Missing Persons Confidential investigations.

We can locate a missing relative, deadbeat spouse, witness, friend or someone who owes you money.

Our Investigators use the latest tools and techniques to locate people nationwide.

In one case we tracked a transient through five states and for over three months.

In the end the person was found and reunited with His family.

Investigators routinely skip trace parties involved in litigation with a 98% locate rate.