Sex Role-Play Shame of Ukip’s ‘Rampant Rabbi’

The revelations will be a further blow to Ukip’s floundering General Election campaign under new leader Paul Nuttall.

Since last summer’s Brexit vote, and the departure of former leader Nigel Farage, Ukip’s core voters have flocked back to the Conservatives.

The woman, who we are calling Cassie, told The Mail on Sunday that she was contacted by the rabbi, who has four daughters, last November via

The site has been described as ‘like Facebook, but run by the kinky community’.

In a profile headed ‘His Worshipful’, Odze borrowed a stock image of a handsome young priest reading a prayer book and announced: ‘I have been into various aspects of BDSM for a number of years now, alibi [sic] more off than on. Over that time I have tried a great deal and enjoyed even more.’

He added: ‘It’s about a voyage of self-discovery, fulfilling that inner void, living for the moment…’ He signed off: ‘The Right Reverend.’

Cassie, who describes herself as ‘submissive’, said Odze drove from his home in Salford to her flat in York for their first encounter.

‘He told me in a text to open the communal door and the one to my flat. When he came in, he put my wrists and ankles in plastic handcuffs and blindfolded me,’ she claimed. ‘He also hit me across the buttocks for all the times I’d forgotten to call him Sir.’

What happened thereafter will be inexplicable to most people, but Cassie offers her own explanation.

She said her condition had been described to her by doctors as ‘compulsive self-destructive sexual behaviour’.

She and Odze had consensual sex, and despite her misgivings about him, she agreed to meet him on three further occasions: twice at her flat, and once in nearby Harrogate, where they had sex in his car.

Cassie said she discovered Odze’s real identity when she googled his mobile phone number which took her to his Ukip Facebook page.

She claimed he appeared to be possessive and controlling from the first time they met. ‘To a certain degree, this was part of our role-playing,’ she said.

‘I had to call him Sir every time I spoke to him, which was fine, although it got ridiculous after a while. If I was being good he would address me as angel, but if I questioned him or answered back, he would call me a “whore, b**** or c***”.

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