Sharon Stone’s Longtime Stalker ‘Hit With Five-Year Restraining Order’

The 58-year-old is said to have received a series of “unnerving letters over the years” from Phillip Barnes, according to TMZ.

The publication have now stated that he will not be able to go within 100 yards of the actress or her three sons; Roan, 16, Laird, 11 and Quinn, 10.

It has also been reported that the court will be able to extend the order as long as five years when it reviews the case again in 2021.

It had previously been revealed that Barnes had been sending the star a series of letters from his prison psych ward.

The actress was also granted a restraining order against Barnes in 2011 after he found his way onto her Hollywood Hills property, but that order expired in 2013.

At the time, E! reported that Barnes had approached Stone’s house claiming he had fathered one of her children.

She later put the house on the market for $9 million, which is thought to be $2 million less than she originally paid for it.

Sharon previously spoke out about dealing with the pressures of fame, with her talking specifically about the role that most people know her for; Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct.

She revealed of that famous leg-crossing scene: “People still want me to take off my clothes but the great thing about ageing is that I don’t have to do it because it gets boring to be just the hot girl all the time.

“But you know what? Frankly, it’s really great. It’s funny but I never knew I was hot or could be beautiful until I saw Basic Instinct and I was so shocked when I saw how pretty they made me.

“I thought, ‘Wow! That’s awesome!’ And that’s when I realised I could play hot parts.

“I didn’t start out being the hot girl. People used to say they couldn’t hire me because I wasn’t hot and wasn’t sexy.

“And then I learned how to be hot. Until then I was a nerd – the clever girl. But once I learned so well how to be the hot girl I didn’t get to do anything else,” she added to the Mirror.

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