Sheldon Adelson Testifies In Israel In Case Against Netanyahu

American Jewish billionaire and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is giving Thursday testimony against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a case in which Netanyahu is suspected of trying to negotate favorable coverage with an arch-foe, the owner of one of Israel’s largest-selling newspapers.

The so-called “Case 2000” involves suspicions that Netanyahu promised Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon Mozes to rein in rival paper Israel Hayom, which is owned by Adelson and is heavily pro-Netanyahu, in exchange for getting more favorable coverage in Yedioth.

His wife Miriam was also expected to talk to the police.

Adelson is expected to be asked by police if he had authorized Netanyahu to conduct any kind of negotiations with Mozes, and whether he knew about their conversations, transcripts of which were published in January.

Adelson was also to be asked about the degree of Netanyahu’s involvement with the workings of the newspaper, and whether the premier had ever been authorized to negotiate advertising rates.

Police believe Miriam Adelson’s testimony will be particularly significant because she was more involved with the newspaper.

In January, Justice Ministry officials said Case 2000 would take time since it required taking testimony from witnesses abroad as well as in Israel.

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