Sienna Miller Is Latest Celebrity To Have Photos Leaked

ACTRESS Sienna Miller appears to have become the latest celebrity to have intimate pictures stolen by hackers and posted online.

The images are said to be of the 35-year-old British star topless while wearing a mask over her face.

They are believed to have been released by cyber geeks who cracked the passwords of cloud storage accounts, social media sites or messaging services belonging to the actress or her friends.

A source said: “Sienna will be devastated these pictures said to be of her fooling around have been put online by some weirdo.”

In previous cases involving celebrities, the hackers traded the pictures with each other online to attract hits and notoriety.

They use invite-only online forums to talk to one another and share the files, which are then leaked to the world.

A source said: “They sometimes post them online to show off and once they’re online, it’s hard to make them disappear again.”

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