South Florida Guru “Yoga Fox” Busted For Sex With A Minor

A high-profile yoga guru was busted for allegedly grooming a 16-year-old girl for sex telling her “no one could love her the way he did,” according to new reports.

Keith Fox nicknamed “Yoga Fox” — was arrested Tuesday on charges he repeatedly had sex with the teen while acting as her “mentor,” the Palm Beach Post reported.

Police began investigating the married 58-year-old fitness buff one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in South Florida, who offers live harmonium playing at his packed classes after the girl’s mother grew suspicious that the two were spending too much time together.

The worried mom had hired a private investigator to follow Fox because he was picking up her daughter for lessons at all times of the day.

The PI caught the two alone at Fox’s home smoking marijuana together and, another time, found them naked and touching each other sexually.

Hauled in for questioning in July 2016, the teen said Fox was “more of a mentor” with whom she had a “father-daughter relationship,” the Miami New Times reported.

But then she began describing more predatory behavior: Fox bought her things, often dissed her parents and told her “no one could love her the way he did.”

The girl also told cops that Fox asked her whether she’d ever had an orgasm and offered her a “Thai massage.” He touched her private parts through her underwear — then again without any clothing, she said.

She admitted that she and Fox had sex on multiple occasions but refused to submit to a rape exam.

Fox was charged with sexual battery of a minor and held on $100,000 bail. A judge ordered that he be placed under house arrest with a GPS bracelet — with no contact with anyone under age 18, except his own child should he post bond.

The age of sexual consent in Florida is 18. Teens who are 16 or 17 can legally engage in sex with someone age 23 or younger but no one younger than 16 can give consent, according to the Palm Beach Post.

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