James O’Neill: Borough Park Community Leader Boasted About Snagging Favor From Future Top Cop

A Borough Park community leader bragged on a taped phone call how he pulled some strings to get future top cop James O’Neill to transfer a friendly lieutenant back to the neighborhood. Read more

Bratton Orders Firing Of 66th Precinct Detective Michael Milici As NYPD Corruption Probe Proceeds

Brooklyn, NY – The heads have begun to roll in the continuing NYPD investigation, with longtime community affairs officer, Detective Michael Milici of the 66th Precinct, the first to be officially fired. Read more

Detective At Center Of NYPD Probe Suspended After Trying To Retire

Brooklyn, NY – An NYPD community affairs officer who was stripped of his gun and badge tried to retire Monday – triggering his immediate suspension because he is still a target of a federal corruption probe. Read more

More NYPD Officers Probed In Bribes For Gun Licenses Scandal

NEW YORK — More officers and the command structure of an entire police precinct – are under investigation in the NYPD bribes for gun licenses scandal, sources said Tuesday. Read more

Borough Park – Noise Complaints Against Neighbor Tied To FBI Probe of NYPD

A Borough Park couple claims cops threatened to arrest them if they continued to make noise complaints against their neighbor whose brother’s close ties to the NYPD are now being probed by the FBI. Read more

Jeremy Reichberg Used NYPD Cop Connects To Squash Raps: Victims

A Borough Park businessman at the heart of a police bribery probe leaned on his police buddies to squash two assault raps involving his nephew, according to the victims of a pair of attacks. Read more