Malka Leifer extradition: Accused Principal Must Be Brought Back To Australia

There is a school in the inner Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick that exclusively serves a small and secretive Jewish sect, the ultra-Orthodox Adass Israel community, comprising about 200 families. Read more

Malka Leifer, Deemed Unfit To Stand Extradition Trial By Israeli Judge

Extradition proceedings against an Australian woman accused of sexually abusing students at an ultra-Orthodox girls’ school were halted Sunday, after a judge in Israel ruled her unfit to stand trial. Read more

State Unable To Extradite Australian Educator Malka Leifer Wanted For Sex Abuse

For more than a year, the State Attorney’s Office has been trying without success to extradite an ultra-Orthodox woman who is wanted in Australia on 74 counts of sexual assault against Jewish girls who were her students in a Melbourne school. Read more

Man Tries To Strangle An Orthodox Jew Outside A Melbourne Synagogue

A man who shouted ‘swear to Allah’ as he tried to strangle a Jew outside a synagogue was tackled by a group of men dressed in religious attire when he became violent. Read more