10 Critics of Vladimir Putin Shot Dead

Not everyone who has a quarrel with Russian President Vladimir Putin dies in violent or suspicious circumstances far from it. Read more

Expert Who Investigated Alexander Litvinenko Death ‘Killed Himself After Russia Trip’

The radiation expert who discovered the poison that killed Alexander Litvinenko “committed suicide” by stabbing himself repeatedly with two knives months after a trip to Russia, a coroner ruled. Read more

Wife of Russian ‘Hitman’ Andrei Lugovoy Stars In Putin-Friendly Propaganda Film

The gorgeous wife of accused Kremlin hitman Andrey Lugovoy appeared in a twisted Russian propaganda movie which – not surprisingly – absolved President Vladimir Putin of blame in the assassination of turncoat spy Alexander Litvinenko. Read more

Vladimir Putin Will Only Become More Murderous and Dangerous

On Thursday, a formal British inquiry into the assassination of Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko released its findings: Litvinenko was murdered, and Vladimir Putin “probably” approved the operation personally. Read more

Suspect In Murder of KGB Agent Laughs off British Report

A Russian suspect in the murder of KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko is laughing off a British report implicating him by filming a television series based on the assassination. Read more

Putin Probably Approved London Poisoning of Ex-KGB Spy

LONDON – President Vladimir Putin probably approved a Russian intelligence operation to murder ex-KBG agent Alexander Litvinenko, a judge led-British inquiry into the 2006 killing in London concluded. Read more

Alexander Litvinenko ‘Killed After Exposing Drug Link To Putin Ally’

The poisoners of Alexander Litvinenko made one major blunder when they used radioactive polonium to kill the former Russian intelligence agent. They chose to carry out their crime in London, the one city in the world with the doctors and medical infrastructure to reveal the cause of his death. Read more

Russian Tycoon Alexander Perepilichny Was ‘Victim Of Reprisal Killing’

A Russian whistleblower could have been the victim of a “reprisal killing” in the UK linked to the deaths of Alexander Litvinenko and lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, an inquest has heard. Read more

Marina Litvinenko Widow Accuses Vladimir Putin of Ordering Husband Killing

The family of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko have made a final plea to the judge presiding over the inquiry into his death to formally implicate Vladimir Putin in his murder. Read more