Haaretz Editor Declares War on Zionism

An editor of the left-wing Haaretz daily chastised French President Emmanuel Macron for calling anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism, praising anti-Zionism as “resistance” against racism and apartheid. Read more

London Police Investigate Man Who Charged ‘Zionists’ Behind Grenfell Tower Tragedy

London police are investigating a man who allegedly claimed that dozens of people killed in a fire that destroyed the capital’s Grenfell Tower last month were “killed by Zionists,” it was reported on Sunday. Read more

Satmar Rebbe To French Jews: Don’t Move To Israel!

On Tuesday night, thousands of French Jews participated in a special event led by the rebbes of Satmar and Pshevorsk, and intended to strengthen Jewish education among French Jews. Read more

BBC’s Shameful Headline

“Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem,” BBC tweeted on Friday night, following the combination stabbing-shooting attack which killed one Israeli policewoman and injured four earlier that day. Read more

Sears Website Offers Anti-Israel ‘Free Palestine’ Clothing Line

American retail giant Sears has put a line of “Free Palestine” apparel up for sale on its website, including t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops. Read more

NY Times Blames Victim In Hawara Lynch Attempt

After a Samaria resident was nearly lynched by an angry Arab mob last week and was forced to open fire to defend himself – killing one of his attackers and wounding another- the New York Times chose to portray the Israeli victim as a murderer. Read more

Barghouti Is Intentionally Lying, and So Is New York Times

The Public Editor of the New York Times took the newspaper to task for failing to identify Palestinian Authority leader Marwan Barghouti as a convicted murderer of Israeli Jews. Read more

An Open Letter To Richard Gere

Dear Richard, Read more

Spanish Courts To Try BDS Leaders Over Matisyahu Boycott

Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions activists in Spain will be tried in court for the boycott and harassment of Jewish American singer Matisyahu in the summer of 2015, a Spanish court ruled. Read more