A Third of All Americans Believe Boycott of Israel Justified

NEW YORK – Thirty-three percent of Americans and forty percent of Britons believe that boycotting Israel is “justified,” according to a poll conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States this month by the market research firm Ipsos. Read more

United Kingdom – Israelis Are ‘Like A Rash,’ Says Irish Member Of European Parliament

United Kingdom – Martina Anderson, an Irish member of the European Parliament, said Israeli lobbyists were “all over this place like a rash” during a parliament meeting on Wednesday. Read more

J-Street Received More Than $500,000 To Promote Obama’s Iran Deal

WASHINGTON — A group the White House recently identified as a key surrogate in selling the Iran nuclear deal gave liberal Jewish lobbying group J street $576,500 to advocate for the deal. Read more

Jewish Woman Forced To Hide From Anti-Israel Activists At UC-Irvine

An event hosted by a pro-Israel student group ended abruptly Wednesday night as police were called to protect attendees from an angry mob that had gathered. One student who never made it inside the venue called 9-1-1 as she hid in fear from anti-Israel activists who chased her into a building on the University of California-Irvine campus. Read more

Arab Nations Demand Removal of Israeli UN Panel That Calls Jerusalem Capital of Jewish People

Arab and Islamic nations are demanding that the United Nations remove a panel from an Israeli exhibition that calls Jerusalem “the spiritual and physical capital of the Jewish people.” Read more

Obama Administration Planning To Take Tougher Line Against Israel

The Middle East Quartet, made up of the US, EU, UN, and Russia, is scheduled to release a major policy report later in coming weeks, and senior diplomats involved in its drafting have indicated that the US is taking a far harder line on Israel than in the past. Read more

Veteran Anchor Resigns Due To BBC’s Middle East Bias

A senior journalist for BBC has announced she will no longer be working as a new anchor for the leading UK news company due to its biased coverage – but she was not referring to its well-documented bias regarding Israel. Read more

UK Labour Councillor: ‘Zionist Jews Are A Disgrace To Humanity’

Yet another member of the UK Labour Party has stirred up controversy with a series of virulently anti-Israel comments accusing the Jewish state of a litany of atrocities and calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel. Read more

Israel Protests UNESCO ‘Muslim Temple Mount’ Decision

Under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s orders, the Foreign Minister issued a strongly-worded protest letter to all the countries that supported the recent UNESCO decision divorcing the Temple Mount from the Jewish people and treating it only as a Muslim site. Read more

Sweden’s Deputy PM Describes 9/11 Twin Towers Attack As A Accidents

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister has come under fire after branding the September 11 terror attacks ‘accidents’. Read more