Joe Biden Blasts Israel Just Hours After Jerusalem Bus Bombing

Vice President Joe Biden spoke on Monday night at a J Street gala in Washington DC, expressing what he said was the Obama administration’s “overwhelming frustration” with Israel. Read more

New York Gives Pro-Terror Palestinian Activist $500,000

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist who recently raised an uproar for her open support of rock-throwing terrorism against Israel, has been awarded over $500,000 by the City of New York. Read more

Ankara – Turkish Politician Fired After Anti-Israeli Tweet Over Istanbul Bombing

Ankara – A Turkish official linked to the party founded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stirred up controversy after posting on Twitter that she wished for the death of more Israelis caught up in Saturday’s suicide bombing on Istanbul’s main pedestrian shopping street that killed five people, including two people with dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship. Read more

TIME Magazine Fails To Mention Palestinian Killed By Israel Murdered Three

Israel’s Government Press Office (GPO) decided on Thursday to name and shame TIME magazine, which published an article about a “Palestinian graphic designer” who was “killed by Israel” without mentioning that Palestinian was a terrorist who murdered three Israelis. Read more

How EU Uses ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ To Grab Israeli Land

The European Union avoids lawsuits over its funding illegal construction for Arabs in Judea and Samaria by hiding behind diplomatic immunity, Mail Online has revealed. Read more

German Bank Refuses Service To Israeli

A bank teller at Bank Sparkasse, one of the largest banks in Germany, refused to open an account for an Israeli living in Berlin, telling him that Israeli passport holders are under embargo. Read more

Anti-Semitic George Galloway Attacks London Mayoral Rival Over Anti-BDS

British Labour MP and London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan came out against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in an interview last week, stating that he does not endorse such actions against the Jewish state. Read more

Bernie Sanders Adviser Suggests Israel Gassed Syrians

Vermont Senator and self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders has tapped retired US Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson as a foreign policy adviser for the dark horse candidate’s presidential campaign. Read more

PM Netanyahu Slams Cameron: Only Israeli Sovereignty Can Keep ISIS From Burning Jerusalem Holy Sites

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waded into an escalating row with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday, accusing him of “forgetting” that only Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem is keeping Islamic extremism at bay and safeguarding the city’s holy places from destruction by terrorists. Read more