Police Investigating Benjamin Netanyahu on Money Laundering Allegations

Channel 10 on Friday reported for the first time that Israel authorities are investigating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on suspected money laundering allegations stemming from 2009. Read more

איך “העוקץ של המאה” נולד ברחוב הירקון

הוא מכונה “עד המפתח” או “העד המרכזי”. השופט מכנה אותו “החוזר בתשובה שראה את האור”, התובע מתאר אותו כ”חבר הקנוניה שהביע חרטה ומוכן לסייע לצדק להיעשות”. כולם מדברים עליו — הסנגורים בנאומיהם, הנאשמים בהצהרותיהם, העיתונאים בשיחות הרקע. Read more

Key Witness In French Tycoon Arnaud Mimran Fraud Case Is Holed Up In Tel Aviv Flat

PARIS – A key witness in a massive French fraud case known as the “sting of the century” is currently hiding out in Israel, a joint investigation by TOT and the French website Mediapart has discovered. Read more

PM’s Office: Netanyahu Received $40K From French Tycoon Arnaut Mimran In 2001

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received $40,000 in 2001 from Arnaut Mimran, a French tycoon on trial for fraud, a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday said. Read more

French Prosecution Seeks Jail Terms For 12 Scammers; 5 Said To Be Living In Israel

Prosecutors in the Paris trial of Arnaud Mimran and 11 other men accused of carbon VAT fraud in a case referred to in France as the “heist of the century” made their closing arguments last Thursday. Read more