Bac Duong, 1 of 3 Inmates Who Escaped Orange County Jail, In Custody

One of the three inmates who has escaped from the Orange County Men’s Central Jail has been captured, a Santa Ana Police Department spokesman said on Friday. Read more

Santa Ana, CA – Five Arrests Made In Connection With California Jailhouse Escape

At least five arrests have been made in connection with the three inmates who escaped Southern California jail, authorities said Wednesday. Read more

Authorities Struggling To Piece Together Daring California Jail Escape

LOS ANGELES — It was a daring and elaborate escape: cutting through metal, crawling through plumbing tunnels, climbing a roof, rappelling four stories to freedom using ropes made from bedsheets. Read more

Manhunt Underway For Three Inmates Who Escaped Southern California Jail

Three inmates made a daring escape from a Southern California maximum-security jail by cutting through half-inch steel bars and rappelling from the roof by a makeshift rope, authorities said Saturday as the manhunt for the men continued. Read more