Jewish Paparazzi: Pregnant Bar Refaeli Displays A Hint of Bump At PEOPLE Style Awards In Munich

Expectant mum Bar Refaeli was celebrating her own maternal figure on Monday night when she accompanied mother Tzipi Levine to the PEOPLE Style Awards. Read more

Bar Refaeli invokes Leonardo DiCaprio In Attempt To Avoid Taxes

Representatives of model Bar Refaeli have reportedly tried to convince the Israeli authorities that she should be exempt from paying taxes in 2009-2010 because her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio made Israel not “the center of her life” during that time. Read more

Israeli Taxman Has Enough Evidence To Indict Bar Refaeli

Israeli tax investigators believe that they have amassed enough evidence to serve as the basis for a criminal indictment against supermodel Bar Refaeli. Read more

Bar Refaeli Questioned Again on Tax Evasion

he super model is suspected of misleading the Tax Authority about her residence. Read more

Bar Refaeli Claims Identity Theft

Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli, who is currently under investigation by the Tax Authority for allegedly not reporting her full revenues, has filed a complaint with the Tel Aviv police in which she claims that she is the victim of identity theft. Read more

Bar Refaeli Tax Probe Lays Bare Celebrity Wheeling and Dealing

You might think the huge sums of money that singers, supermodels and actors earn from their day jobs would be enough. Read more

Israeli Supermodel Bar Refaeli Suspected of Tax Evasion

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has been questioned in the past two days by the Tax Authority on suspicion of tax evasion, it was cleared for publication on Thursday. Read more