Planned No-Fly Zone Over Bar Refaeli’s Wedding Lifted Amid Public Outrage

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz lifted on Sunday an anticipated no-fly zone over Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli’s wedding, after public criticism about the initial directive. Read more

Supermodel Bar Refaeli’s Wedding Declared A ‘No-Fly Zone’

sraeli supermodel Bar Refaeli’s imminent wedding has been long touted in local media as the “wedding of the year,” but it reached new proportions of extravagant absurdity on Friday as the Civil Aviation Authority declared the area above the wedding a no-fly zone. Read more

Bar Refaeli Reveals Wedding Dress

Let’s all admit it, anything that has to do with the wedding of the year featuring Bar Refeali and Adi Ezra, piques our interest. Read more

Bar Refaeli Cancels Istanbul Gig Due To Anti-Israel Pressure

The organizer of an Istanbul fashion show that was supposed to feature Israeli top model Bar Refaeli denied reports that she cancelled her participation due to safety concerns. Read more

Bar Refaeli Celebrates Bachelorette Party In The Maldives

Supermodel Bar Refaeli has shunned the traditional night on the town for her hen party and is enjoying a luxurious holiday in the Maldives with her girlfriends. Read more