Salah Abdeslam Missing Phone Found Under Big Pile of Papers At Police Station

Paris suicide bomber Brahim Abdeslam’s mobile phone was reportedly found underneath a pile of paperwork at a Belgian police station months after going missing, but authorities claim its absence has not hindered their investigation. Read more

Former NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly Rips Belgian Police For Terror Attacks

Former NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly blamed Belgian authorities for failing to stop the Brussels terror attacks on Tuesday, which claimed four Americans among the 34 victims. Read more

Brussels Attackers Were Targeting Nuclear Plant, Changed Their Minds

BRUSSELS – Suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Brussels were originally considering an attack on a nuclear site in Belgium, but arrests started last week may have forced them switch to targets in the Belgian capital, the DH newspaper said. Read more

Brussels – Belgian Police Ask Jewish Community To Avoid Purim Masks, Cancel Festivities

Brussels – A clear set of rules for Purim celebrations were released on Wednesday in a press release from the office of the High Commissioner of the Antwerp Police in light of the terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels on Tuesday, according to reports by local media. Read more

Brussels – Belgian Police Arrest 16, Fail To Find Paris Attacks Key Suspect

Brussels – Belgian police arrested 16 people during operations following the Nov. 13 Paris attacks but did not find Salah Abdeslam, the Brussels man suspected of playing a key role in the assault in France, the public prosecutor said early on Monday. Read more