Israeli Suspected In 1998 Haifa Murder Extradited From German

Police have arrested a man living in Berlin under a false identity as the suspect in the murder of Edward Rothberg who was murdered on July 3, 1998 on Nordau Street in Haifa according to police reports. Read more

Drunk Neo Nazis Arrested After Urinating on Woman and Children on Berlin Train

Two drunk right-wing extremists on a Berlin commuter train hurled racial threats at a woman and her two children before one of the attackers urinated on the family, police said Monday. Read more

Berlin – Police Sorry For Removing Israeli Flag From Soccer Game

Berlin’s police are apologizing for preventing the display of the Israeli flag during a soccer game in the German capital. Read more

Israeli Was Apparently Murdered In Berlin on Passover Eve

The lifeless body of a 22-year-old Israeli was found adjacent to an abandoned church in Berlin on Tuesday bearing the signs of serious violence, according to the local German daily Bild. Read more