RCA Must Stand Behind The Conversions Performed By Its Members

Let us begin with the facts: Converts whose conversions were conducted according to halachah, or Jewish law, are 100 percent Jewish. Read more

U.S. Rabbis Furious At Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s Rejection of Top Rabbi’s Conversions

The Rabbinical Council of America reacted angrily Friday to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s decision to reject conversions that were authorized by the chief dayan of the largest Orthodox rabbinical court in the United States. Read more

Beit Din of America Being Sued Over Mikvah-Peeping Rabbi

The Beth Din of America has been added to the list of defendants in a $100 million class action suit against Rabbi Barry Freundel, the prominent Washington, DC, spiritual leader who was convicted of secretly videotaping women in his synagogue’s ritual bath. Read more

Liberal Orthodox Rabbis ‘Blacklisted’ In Israel For Conversion

After two years of legal maneuvering, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate finally delivered a list of Diaspora rabbis it deems acceptable for purposes of establishing a claimant’s Jewish identity. Read more