Mass Brawl In Ponovezh Yeshiva

A long-standing quarrel in Bnei Brak’s flagship Lithuanian-haredi Ponevezh Yeshiva exploded Saturday night, as a mass brawl erupted between rival factions in the dining room. Read more

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis, Activists Take on Pedophilia In Public Rally

In a rare gathering that took place Saturday night in Bnei Brak, ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) rabbis and activists spoke publicly for the first time on the issue of pedophilia in the community, providing a glimpse into how attackers and victims are dealt with. Read more

Bnei Brak – US-Israeli Indicted For ‘Old Man Mask’ Heists

A man was indicted Monday for carrying out a series of armed robberies at banks, jewelry shops, and currency exchange kiosks, during which he disguised himself as an old man using lifelike masks and gloves. Read more

A Bnei Brak Teacher Molests Children But Parents are Too Afraid To React

Last night Israeli Canhnel 2 broadcasted another horrifying story from Bnei Brak, where a number of parents believe that one of the teachers has been sexually abusing their children for a several years. Read more

Jerusalem – Justin Bieber Concert Sends Orthodox Woman Into Labor

justin Bieber’s first song of his Tel Aviv concert was enough to send one 23-year old concert goer into labor. But to be fair, the ultra-Orthodox woman was three weeks overdue. Read more

Bnei Brak – Ultra-Orthodox Man Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Women At Weddings

Police have taken a 28-year old man into custody following a string of sexual assaults against women and children at a Bnei Brak wedding hall. Read more

Bnei Brak – Ultra-Orthodox Man Arrested After Throwing Mug At ‘Immodest’ 11-Year-Old

A 34-year-old ultra-Orthodox man was arrested Sunday for throwing a porcelain mug at an 11-year-old girl in the central, largely ultra-Orthodox town of Bnei Brak the previous day after yelling at her for not being dressed modestly enough. Read more

Israel Police Seek Public’s Aid In Case Against Child Molester

The police in Bnei Brak asked the public for help in determining other cases a suspect in the violent assault on a six year old child may have been involved in. Read more

Haredi Soldier Pelted With Rocks By Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Students

A member of the Haredi community, recently discharged from the IDF, was attacked by an ultra-Orthodox mob of yeshiva students Wednesday night when they surrounded him, subjected him to verbal abuse and threw garbage cans and even stones at him. Read more

Youth Indicted For Series of Sexual Assaults In Bnei Brak

Charges were filed Sunday morning in a Tel Aviv district youth court against a resident of Jerusalem for a series of alleged sexual assaults against two under-age girls in the city of Bnei Brak. Read more