Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Gets 3 Years In Prison For NYPD Gun License Scam

NEW YORK – A Borough Park Shomrim member who pleaded guilty to bribing New York City police officers to get gun permits has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison. Read more

Feds Push For Up To Six-Year Sentence For Shomrim Leader

Federal prosecutors want a Brooklyn businessman to serve four to six years behind bars for bribing a cop in exchange for expedited gun permits, according to court documents. Read more

Feds Find Audio Recordings Made By Shomrim Leader

The feds have uncovered a trove of audio recordings that capture “dealings of questionable legality” by members of the NYPD raising the specter of more arrests in a bribery probe. Read more

Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Was Drunk While Chatting With FBI Agents

New court papers detail the conversation between a Brooklyn businessman accused of bribing cops for expedited gun permits and the feds who busted him. Read more

Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Can’t Strike Plea Deal In NYPD Corruption Probe

The NYPD insider charged in a $1 million scheme to illegally obtain scores of pistol permits failed to strike a plea deal and is turning his efforts to suppressing statements he made to authorities, a court hearing revealed Thursday. Read more

James O’Neill: Borough Park Community Leader Boasted About Snagging Favor From Future Top Cop

A Borough Park community leader bragged on a taped phone call how he pulled some strings to get future top cop James O’Neill to transfer a friendly lieutenant back to the neighborhood. Read more

Shomrim Leader Shaya Lichtenstein Looks For Plea Deal In NYPD Corruption Scandal

A Brooklyn Shomrim patrol leader accused of paying NYPD cops cash bribes in order to expedite gun permits is in talks with feds over a plea deal, lawyers said Friday. Read more