Body of Yanki Kraus Found, 24 Hours After Disappearing

The body of a 21-year-old haredi man from Brooklyn was found on Wednesday, one day after he told his wife he would be late coming to meet her. Read more

New Charges For NYPD Cops, Jeremy Reichberg At Center of FBI Probe

NYPD cops James Grant and Michael Harrington, charged last month with accepting favors from prostitutes and other gifts in exchange for police protection, were indicted Thursday and slapped with new charges that could mean more prison time if convicted. Read more

Meet The HOOKER Used By Jeremy Reichberg To Bride NYPD Cops


The hooker at the center of the NYPD corruption scandal has revealed how she engaged in mile-high group sex with two cops and three other men during a wild private-plane trip to Las Vegas. Read more

Shomrim, Hookers and Guns Take Spotlight As NYPD Corruption Probe Widens

Three New York City police commanders and a business consultant were arrested on Monday as part of a wide-ranging federal corruption probe that has also been examining Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising. Read more

4 NYPD Officers, 2 Others Charged In Corruption Probe

Three members of the NYPD were busted Monday morning for taking payoffs including a free hooker — in exchange for doing favors for a deep-pocketed fund-raiser for Mayor de Blasio. Read more

Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power

The call went out as a Code 100, a sex crime: A man was masturbating in a gray Hyundai near some children on a street in Borough Park. Read more

Borough Park – Paintball Attacks In Jewish Community Deemed Possible Hate Crimes

NEW YORK — A series of paintball attacks has a Brooklyn neighborhood on edge, and police on Thursday were investigating whether they were hate crimes against the Jewish community. Read more

Borough Park Shomrim Organized By Shaya Lichtenstein Indicted In NYPD Gun Permit Scandal, Delayed In Notifying NYPD of Boy’s 2011 Kidnapping

In the hours after 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky disappeared in Borough Park, Brooklyn, a key figure in the heavily Jewish neighborhood’s security patrol coordinated the effort to find him. Read more

NYPD Deputy Chief John Sprague Disciplined For Pleading The Fifth In FBI Probe

An NYPD boss in charge of a unit that probes excessive force by cops was stripped of his gun and badge on Thursday after refusing to answer questions in the wide-ranging federal probe into gifts for favors, a union official said. Read more

Another NYPD Cop Tries To Retire Amid FBI Corruption Probe

Yet another high-ranking NYPD officer has put in his retirement papers amid the FBI’s gift-for-favors probe into the department. Read more