FBI: Coney Island Gangsters Burned Down Competing Poker Den

Four members of an Eastern European organized crime family have been busted for torching a Brooklyn building housing a rival poker game that was stealing their clients, authorities said​ Wednesday​. Read more

New York – Brooklyn Man Sentenced To 115 Years In Prison For Raping 82-Year-Old Jewish Woman

A Brooklyn man was sentenced to 115 years behind bars Tuesday for the brutal rape of an 83-year-old widow​ ​–​ ​but was too cowardly to show his face in the courtroom to hear the decision. Read more

Jewish Rape Victim, 83, Confronts Attack Suspect In Court

An elderly Jewish woman bravely took the stand Monday to confront the teen on trial for raping her when he broke into her Brooklyn home. Read more

Brighton Beach Mob Boss Pleaded Guilty To Extortion Charges

A Brooklyn man who brokered a deal in a twisted murder-for-hire plot pleaded guilty to extortion charges Thursday. Read more