NYPD Sergeant Shot Dead, Second Wounded In Bronx Ambush By Heavily Armed Gunman

An NYPD sergeant was fatally shot in the head and another sergeant wounded while responding to a home-invasion call in The Bronx on Friday afternoon, law-enforcement sources said. Read more

Bronx Gunman Shoots Two NYPD Sergeants, Dies In Firefight

Two NYPD sergeants were shot in the Bronx in broad daylight Friday and a heavily-armed gunman was killed, sources said. Read more

NYPD Cops Pummels Robbery Suspect During Wild Arrest

Video posted on Instagram shows an NYPD officer repeatedly hitting and kneeing a man in the head while trying to arrest him in the Bronx. Read more

Innocent Bystander Fatally Shot After Man Grabs NYPD Cop’s Gun

An innocent bystander was fatally shot early Tuesday when a man who was causing a disturbance at a Bronx bodega snatched a responding police officer’s gun and shots were fired, police sources said. Read more

NYC Driver Busted In Fake Undercover Cop Car

A Bronx man was arrested when cops spotted him cruising through several red lights in a vehicle he converted to look like an undercover police car, equipped with flashing lights and fake police radios, authorities said. Read more

Bronx, NY – Prosecutor: Biggest Gang Takedown In New York City History

Bronx, NY – Law enforcement rescued a housing project with the biggest gang takedown in city history, and now officials are investigating whether the city’s 400,000 public housing residents were being protected in safe conditions as required by federal law, a federal prosecutor announced Wednesday. Read more

NYPD officer Arrested After Allegedly Exposing Himself While Drunk Near Bronx School

Bronx – A New York City police officer was arrested after being accused of exposing himself by a school in the Bronx Monday. Read more