Billionaire vs. Billionaire: Israel’s Steinmetz Sues Soros

A mining company owned by one of Israel’s wealthiest businessmen filed a suit on Friday against the Jewish-American billionaire George Soros, accusing him of a long-running campaign to sabotage his business efforts in the African country of Guinea, Bloomberg reported Saturday. Read more

Rio Tinto Bogged Down In Legal Fights From African Ventures

Whenever there is bad news out of Africa for mining giant Rio Tinto, a powerful group of people gather in the boardroom of the company’s headquarters off St James Square in London. Read more

Beny Steinmetz Hires Yehuda Weinstein and Alan Dershowitz

Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz is suspected of paying tens of millions of dollars as a bribe to the Guinean president. Read more

Beny Steinmetz To Be Questioned In Geneva Over Guinea Bribery

Swiss prosecutors will question Beny Steinmetz in Geneva amid an inquiry into allegations of bribery involving a $20 billion mining project in the Simandou hills in the west African country of Guinea. Read more

Israel Police Say Talks Fail With Tycoon Beny Steinmetz on Posting Bond

Israel Police said on Thursday that after a week of negotiations they were unable to reach an agreement on the terms of a bond to be deposited by the billionaire Beny Steinmetz to ensure he doesn’t send assets out of the country while he is under investigation. Read more

Billionaire Beny Steinmetz Released From Israel House Arrest

Beny Steinmetz, owner of mining group BSG Resources, has been released without charge by Israeli police after being held under house arrest in connection with bribery allegations. Read more

The Fall of Beny Steinmetz, Once Israel’s Richest Man

The arrest of Beny Steinmetz on Monday morning over suspicions of bribery and corruption in Africa is just the latest setback for the Israeli billionaire. Read more

BSGR President Asher Avidan Arrested In Guinea Bribery Probe

After Beny Steinmetz was placed under house arrest yesterday, Asher Avidan one of his top executives was arrested by Israel Police today. Read more

Israeli Police Arrest Second Businessman In Guinea Bribery Probe

Israeli police said on Tuesday they have arrested a second businessman in an investigation concerning allegations of bribery and corruption in Africa involving mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz. Read more

Who Is Beny Steinmetz?

Diamond-mining tycoon Beny Steinmetz, who was detained by police on Monday for questioning in regard to suspected corruption and bribery in the African country of Guinea, is the co-founder of the Beny Steinmetz Group Resources (BSGR), which is at the center of an international bribery investigation. Read more