Harvey Weinstein Accused of Molesting Model

A woman who accused Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of groping her breasts has been identified as a 22-year-old model with links to disgraced Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Read more

Dame Helen Mirren: “Anti-Semitism Is Still Pertinent”

Dame Helen Mirren has spoken about anti-Semitism, after playing a Jewish character in her new film, Woman In Gold. Read more

Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Assault

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in a Manhattan movie theater. Read more

Church of Scientology Keeps A ‘Blackmail’ File on John Travolta: Documentary Claims To Reveal Shocking Secrets of Celebrity Religion

Scientologists hold a ‘blackmail file’ on John Travolta to stop him leaving the faith, which includes ‘damaging material’ from his sessions with auditors at the church, it has been claimed. Read more

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Planning Israel Visit

Get the red carpets ready and the cameras rolling: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, one of the most famous couples in the world, are planning to visit Israel next month. Read more

Richard Gere To Film In Israel Next Week

After wrapping up the New York shoot of the upcoming Oppenheimer Strategies, the much-hyped project by director Joseph Cedar is headed for Israel – bringing acclaimed American actor Richard Gere along on the trip to the Jewish State next week. Read more

CBS News’ Lara Logan Hospitalized Again

Lara Logan is back in a Washington hospital.

The 60 Minutes correspondent, 43, who was sexually assaulted in Egypt in 2011 is continuing to cope with complications stemming from that brutal incident. Read more

Madonna: I’m An Israelite

Despite her love for Kabballah, Maddona does not identify as Jewish, the pop legend told Ireland’s The Independent. Read more

Monica Lewinsky In TED Talk on Cyberbullying

VANCOUVER, Canada — Monica Lewinsky on Thursday took her freshly launched fight against cyberbullying to a premier TED gathering known for attracting Internet titans, celebrities and others influencing modern culture. Read more

Former Justin Bieber Neighbor Suing After Bodyguard Called Him ‘Little Jew Boy’

The former neighbor of Justin Bieber is suing the American pop star on grounds of emotional distress claiming that the singer’s bodyguard called him a “little Jew boy.” Read more