Gucci Picks Gal Gadot For Top Job

Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot is set to become the new face of Gucci Fragrances, amid hype surrounding the soon-to-be-released Batman v Superman film in which she stars as Wonder Woman. Read more

Nicholas Brendon Arrested Again

Actor Nicholas Brendon faces new charges after a second disturbance at a Florida hotel. Read more

‘President Obama Does Not Love Israel’

Actor Jon Voight has released a video voicing his support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his disdain for President Barack Obama. Read more

Swiss Media Reveals More About Putin’s Girlfriend, Baby

Swiss media confirmed Saturday that Vladimir Putin is the father of a bouncing baby girl, giving the lie to the Kremlin’s determined efforts to deny the story. Read more

Michael Douglas: World Must Tackle ‘The Madness’ of Anti-Semitism

Shortly before he arrives in Israel with his family to receive the Genesis Prize, renowned actor and producer Michael Douglas called Sunday for the world to deal with “the madness” of anti-Semitism, calling it “a disease that goes dormant, flaring up with the next political trigger.” Read more

Chuck Norris Praises Netanyahu In Anti-Obama Article

American action star Chuck Norris received warm wishes from all over the world this week for his 75th birthday. The well-wishers likely included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as Norris is considered one of his biggest supporters in the United States. Read more

Madonna Talks About Being Raped When She Was 19

Madonna on Wednesday detailed a brutal rape by a stranger that she survived when she was 19, explaining that the experience was so traumatic that she never considered reporting it. Read more

Shooting At Lil’ Wayne’s Miami Beach Home

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Reports are indicating a shooting occurred at Lil Wayne’s house in Miami Beach, Wednesday afternoon, It has been confirmed that the rapper is OK and was not at home of the time of the incident. Read more