Charles Bronfman To Reform Jews: Take Back Birthright From Chabad

Birthright Israel co-founder Charles Bronfman has called on the Reform movement to displace Chabad as the largest provider of Birthright trips to Israel. Read more

Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Items Sold For More Than NIS 300,000

Nine items which used to belong to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, or have been associated with him were sold to collector last week for a total sum of more than NIS 300,000 (about $80,000), 21 years after the Chabad leader’s death. Read more

Woman Apologizes For Letting Chabad Hasid Put Tefillin On Her

A Female Jewish student who caused a social media firestorm when she uploaded photos of a Chabad emissary placing tefillin on her after mistaking her for a man apologized Tuesday. Read more

NYC Chabad Rep Lays Tefillin on Woman

A chabad emissary placed tefillin on a woman in New York last Friday, apparently mistaking her for a man. Read more

A Russian Chief Rabbi Stands By His Strongman, Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW — Rabbi Berel Lazar’s mother was eager for grandchildren. So she gave her 25-year-old son an ultimatum: He could return to his beloved Jewish outreach work in Russia if — and only if — he got married. Read more

Russian Prosecutors Confiscate Chabad Jewish School’s Textbooks

Russian prosecutors confiscated books from a Jewish Chabad school in the city of Yekaterinburg following complaints that its students were taught to hate non-Jews. Read more

Inside the Strangely Public War Between Two Top Washington Rabbis

A Shlichus Feud in Washington, DC which spilled out into secular courts has been boldly profiled by the Washingtonian, a popular news magazine which gave its take on the fight between Levi Shemtov and Yudi Steiner. Read more