Extortion and Fraud Money Invested In NYC

Since April 2016, many of media articles narrated facts of corruption of high-ranking NYPD officials, inter alia, by Mr. Jona Rechnitz who is one of the fundraisers of the current Mayor of New-York. Following this probe, high-ranking NYPD officers were dismissed. Read more

China Fund Tied To Angola and Guinea Owns Wall Street Real Estate

China International Fund, the little-known Hong Kong-registered company whose $7 billion minerals-and-infrastructure deal with Guinea last month grabbed headlines, has drawn scrutiny for its connections with a Chinese government-owned entity. But the Hong Kong company’s parent also has noteworthy ties elsewhere. Read more

Shine on You Crazy Diamond

The diamond mines have been closely guarded by the Angolan elite and a Chinese company is set to make its first investment in Angola’s precious stones. Read more

Famed J.P. Morgan Building At 23 Wall Street In Play

We have written on the famed J.P. Morgan piece of property more times than perhaps any other Blog. Read more