Sex Abuse By Scientology? Leah Remini Urges For FBI Probe

Leah Remini is leaving Los Angeles, but not her war on Scientology, saying she hopes Season 2 of her A&E series will lead to a federal investigation. Read more

Leah Remini Demands Church of Scientology Pay Her $1.5M

Lawyers for actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini have demanded, in a legal letter, that the church pay her $1.5 million, and alleged that the church wrote to A&E ahead of the debut of her series “Scientology and the Aftermath” to try and get the show pulled from the air. Read more

Mariah Carey Is Blaming Scientology For Breakup

Mariah Carey is blaming her breakup with James Packer on Scientology influences. Sources close to the superstar say she believes Packer’s business manager Tommy Davis, a former Church of Scientology spokesperson, has poisoned their relationship. Read more

Church of Scientology Is Blamed For Keeping Tom Cruise From Suri

Tom Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter Suri, 10, in nearly three years because the Church of Scientology forbids its members from associating with nonbelievers, sources say. Read more

This Billboard Is Really Going To Piss off Church of Scientology

A new Hollywood billboard is about to be a major eye sore for the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige. Read more

Church of Scientology Keeps A ‘Blackmail’ File on John Travolta: Documentary Claims To Reveal Shocking Secrets of Celebrity Religion

Scientologists hold a ‘blackmail file’ on John Travolta to stop him leaving the faith, which includes ‘damaging material’ from his sessions with auditors at the church, it has been claimed. Read more