Sudan’s Security Chief Meets FBI, CIA In Washington

The head of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services returned to Khartoum this morning after meeting CIA and FBI officials in Washington. Read more

WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tactics For Apple Products

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has technology capable of infecting “factory fresh” iPhones and has been bugging the devices since at least 2008, WikiLeaks claimed Thursday. Read more

Robert Levinson Family Sues Iran

The family of a Jewish-American man who disappeared from Iran in 2007 while working on behalf of the CIA is suing the Iranian government in the United States. Read more

Seven Ways To Keep The CIA Out Of Your Home

The “Vault 7” leaks are the latest revelations to be published by the WikiLeaks website. Read more

What The CIA WikiLeaks Dump Tells Us: Encryption Works

New York – If the tech industry is drawing one lesson from the latest WikiLeaks disclosures, it’s that data-scrambling encryption works, and the industry should use more of it. Read more

Federal Criminal Investigation Launched Into WikiLeaks

US officials are reportedly launching a criminal investigation into the WikiLeaks release of documents which reveal details about alleged CIA hacking techniques. Read more

WikiLeaks, CIA, Here’s What’s Going On

WikiLeaks published a large cache of documents stolen from the CIA related to hacking tools on Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed their authenticity with an intelligence source. Read more

How CIA Turns Everyday Devices To Spy Weapons

CIA software can secretly turn everyday electronics like smartphones and high-tech TVs into listening devices to spy on unsuspecting users, WikiLeaks claimed in a massive document dump Tuesday. Read more

Wikileaks: MI5 and CIA Developed Spyware To Turn Samsung TVs Into Bugs

The CIA and MI5 worked together developing viruses designed to turn Samsung smart TVs into household bugs, recording audio and sending data to covert computer servers, according to a new cache of leaked intelligence documents published by Wikileaks. Read more

WikiLeaks Publishes Huge Trove Of CIA Spying Docus; Reveals How CIA Is Targeting Your iPhone, Android

WikiLeaks has published a huge trove of what appear to be CIA spying secrets. Read more