Book For First Time Details Emails, Allegations In David Petraeus Scandal

A new book by the target of Paula Broadwell’s emails in 2012 returns the Charlotte resident to a critical spotlight, portraying Broadwell as a cyberstalker who was jealous of a former lover’s relationship with another woman. Read more

CIA Fighting The Pentagon In Syria

The fractured situation in Syria is looking even more bleak as forces allied with different parts of the US defense establishment are fighting against each other. Read more

How Israel Missed An Opportunity To Cut off Hezbollah’s Head

During May 2000, the IDF’s Military Intelligence branch obtained reports and photographs from observation points and aerial patrols which proved that senior Hezbollah officials were coming from their Beirut headquarters to tour south Lebanon. Read more

Family, Friends of Jewish Ex-FBI Agent Demand Iran Release Him

CORAL SPRINGS, Florida — The family and colleagues of a former FBI agent who disappeared in Iran nine years ago while on a CIA mission expressed anger and disappointment at a rally Saturday that he wasn’t part of a January prisoner exchange with Tehran. Read more

Italy Condemned For Its Role In Abduction of Egyptian Imam Abu Omar In 2003

Italy has been condemned by the European court of human rights for its role in the 2003 abduction of a radical Egyptian imam by the CIA, in a legal decision that serves as a stark reminder of the role US allies played in the illegal Bush-era counter-terrorism programme. Read more

FBI Creates Persian Facebook Page For Case Of Missing Jewish Agent

Washington – The FBI has launched a Facebook page in Farsi to solicit tips on the whereabouts of Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who went missing in Iran nine years ago. Read more

How The CIA Deliberately Misleads Its Own Employees By Spreading False Information In Internal Memos

The CIA misleads its own staff by sending its employees false memos known as ‘eyewash’ that deliberately mask details about killings, drone strikes and other clandestine activities, it is claimed. Read more

Family of Robert Levinson Lashes out At White House

The family of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Iran nine years ago, slammed the Obama administration Monday for not informing them that their relative was not included in a prisoner exchange announced over the weekend. Read more

Family of Jewish-American Missing In Iran ‘Devastated’ He’s Not Part of Swap

WASHINGTON — Jewish-American Robert Levinson was not included in a prisoner exchange with Iran. Read more

Ex-CIA Operative Sabrina De Sousa, To Be Extradited In Kidnapping Case

LISBON, Portugal — A Portuguese court has ruled that a former CIA operative convicted of kidnapping an Egyptian cleric as part of an extraordinary renditions program should be turned over to Italy to serve her six-year sentence there, a court official said Friday. Read more