American Pravda: ‘Project Veritas’ Catches CNN Producer Admitting Russia Story Is “Mostly Bullshit,” “About Ratings”

In a video released overnight by ‘Project Veritas’ founder James O’Keefe, CNN producer John Bonifield is caught on film admitting that the network’s constant coverage of the Trump-Russia narrative is “mostly bullshit” and “the president is probably right to say [CNN] is witch-hunting [him].” Read more

Social Media Users Accuse CNN of ‘Fake News’ Over ‘Staged’ London Attack Protest

CNN has denied staging a crowd of protesters for a news shot in the wake of the London Bridge attacks, after conservative Twitter users accused the broadcaster of manufacturing “fake news”. Read more

Alisyn Camerota: “Roger Ailes Did Sexually Harass Me”

Alisyn Camerota left Fox News in March 2014 without another job lined up. She had spent 16 years at the network, working as a correspondent, a co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” and a daytime news host. Read more

More Fake News: CNN Reports Sean Hannity Pointed Gun At Fox News Colleague; Both Deny CNN Reporting

Sean Hannity says he “never pointed” a gun at Fox News colleague Juan Williams, despite a CNN report to the contrary. Read more

FLOOD CNN: Let The Network Know That You Support Trump’s America Safe Policy

CNN has issued a request for stories from people about how President Donald Trump’s travel restrictions have impacted their lives. Read more

Thank God White House Freezes Out CNN

CNN, which President Trump has accused of reporting “fake news,” is getting frozen out of appearances by members of the administration. Read more

Trump SLAMS CNN At Press Conference – ‘You Are Fake News!’

President-elect Donald Trump lashed out at a reporter from CNN, refusing to take a question from him and calling his news organization and Buzzfeed “fake news.” Read more

CNN Apologizes To Julian Assange After Calls Him ‘A Pedophile’

CNN issued an apology after one of its paid commentators called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “a pedophile” during a live broadcast Wednesday morning. Read more

CNN’s Angela Rye Posts Video of Her ‘Humiliation’ By TSA To ‘Fix The System’

A CNN reporter has filmed the moment she was given what she calls an invasive “vaginal pat-down” by airport security. Read more

Outrage Erupts After CNN Caption Asks: Are Jews People?

New York – After being blasted for its abysmal coverage of the presidential race, CNN has found itself in the hot seat once again, this time for an onscreen caption that questioned whether Jews are human. Read more