Israeli Man Carrying 300 Kilos of Cocaine Detained In Sao Paolo

Brazilian police detained an Israeli man in possession of 300 kilograms of cocaine as part of a wave of arrests of gang members suspected of drug dealing. Read more

22 Face Charges In Miami Drug Money-Laundering Ring Involving ‘El Chapo’ Cartel

Twenty-two people suspected of laundering millions of dollars in Colombian cocaine profits are being charged by Miami prosecutors. Read more

LAX Baggage Handlers Accused of Cocaine Trafficking

Two former baggage handlers at Los Angeles International Airport were arrested Monday on suspicion of trafficking several pounds of cocaine through the southern California hub. Read more

Authorities Disrupt Nearly $200 Million of Cocaine Headed For US On Semi-Submersible

Border officials in Texas say they have intercepted a semi-submersible vessel carrying a whopping 12,800 pounds of cocaine that’s worth more than $200 million. Read more

Skittish Flight Attendant Who Left Suitcases Full of Coke At Airport Turns Herself In

A flight attendant who dropped two suitcases full of cocaine at Los Angeles International Airport before fleeing in a panic turned herself into authorities in New York on Wednesday, sources said. Read more

Skittish Flight Attendant Leaves 70 Pounds of Coke At TSA Checkpoint

A skittish flight attendant heading to LaGuardia airport flew into a panic at a security gate ditching two suitcases full of clothes, condoms and nearly 70 pounds of cocaine, before kicking off her Gucci shoes and managing to escape pursuing TSA agents. Read more

Lamar Odom Used Cocaine, 10 Sexual Performance Supplements Before Hospitalization

AHRUMP, Nev. – Lamar Odom took cocaine and as many as 10 sexual-performance supplement pills leading up to his hospitalization in Las Vegas, according to a dramatic 911 call released Wednesday by the Nye County Sheriff’s Department. Read more

Model Anett Pikula Smuggling $134G In Cocaine Fails To Charm Border officers

A MODEL’S over-the-top flirting tipped off US border patrol officers, who discovered $134,000 in cocaine hidden behind the front grille of her Mercedes Benz, authorities said. Read more