Judge Overturns Life Without Parole Sentence For DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

WASHINGTON – A federal district court judge has overturned the sentence of Lee Boyd Malvo, one of the two people convicted in D.C.-area Beltway sniper attacks nearly 15 years ago, according to a ruling released Friday. Read more

Federal Prosecutor Found Dead on Florida Beach

A federal prosecutor was found mysteriously dead with possible head trauma at a Florida beach, with police investigating it was a crime. Read more

Judge orders ex-Barcelona president to be held without bail

MADRID – A judge has ordered former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell to be held without bail as Spanish authorities continue to investigate his alleged involvement in a money-laundering scheme related to the television rights of Brazil’s national team. Read more

FBR Investigating Investment In Crypto-Curren

The FBR’s anti money laundering (AML) cell has launched investigation into the financial affairs of persons having massive investments in crypto-currencies, including bit-coins as it is being used allegedly for the purpose of money laundering. Read more

Ex-Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos Wounded In Athens Bombing

ATHENS, Greece — A letter bomb exploded inside the car of former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos in central Athens on Thursday, wounding him and two Bank of Greece employees, officials said. Read more

Obama Admin Let MS-13 Gang Members Stay In US

The Obama administration knowingly let in at least 16 admitted MS-13 gang members who arrived at the U.S. as illegal immigrant teenagers in 2014, a top senator said Wednesday, citing internal documents that showed the teens were shipped to juvenile homes throughout the country. Read more

Man Stole Equipment From Marine One and Sold It on eBay

A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $100,000 worth of military equipment used to support the Marine One helicopter fleet that transports the president. Read more

David Blaszczak, Deerfield Hedge Fund Staff Charged Insider Trading

A Washington consultant is among five people charged in a scheme to convert government secrets into hedge fund profits. Read more

Aliza Sherman Divorce Attorney Gregory Moore Sentenced To Six Months In Jail

Aliza Sherman’s former divorce attorney was sentenced to six months in Cuyahoga County jail, three years probation and 350 hours of community service for charges related to lying to police regarding his whereabouts the day the former Beachwood nurse was stabbed to death and for bomb threats he phoned in to area courthouses. Read more