Vatican Makes Gains In Cracking Down on Money Laundering

More than $13 million has been frozen since 2013, and 17 investigations are ongoing. But critics lament that there has not been a single indictment, and are pushing for more aggressive prosecutions. Read more

Mother Shares Heartbreaking Plea To Find Missing Daughter In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — A mother’s heartbreaking plea to help find her missing 17-year-old daughter has gone viral on social media. Read more

Court: LAPD Detectives Illegally Searched Home of Sandra Bullock’s Accused Stalker

LOS ANGELES — An appeals court ruled Tuesday that Los Angeles police detectives violated the rights of a man arrested inside Sandra Bullock’s home when they obtained his consent to search his home and recovered illegal automatic firearms. Read more

Jewish Iranian Man Found Dead In Manhattan Jewelry Store

A Jewish man was found dead with zip-ties around his neck inside his TriBeCa jewelry store, NYPD sources said Thursday. Read more

Angolan Vice President Faces Corruption Charges In Portugal

LISBON, PORTUGAL – Portuguese prosecutors are bringing charges of corruption, money-laundering and forgery against Angolan Vice President Manuel Vicente as part of an investigation in Lisbon, Portugal’s attorney general’s office said Thursday. Read more

FBI Investigating Binary Options Fraud Worldwide

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is actively and concertedly investigating binary options fraud, and will pursue justice anywhere on earth, an investigator from the agency’s Complex Financial Crimes Unit said. Read more

Former Rio De Janeiro Governor Charged On Money Laundering

A Brazilian federal court Tuesday accepted a formal charge for 184 accounts of money laundering against former Rio de Janeiro state governor Sergio Cabral. Read more

Pedro Hernandez Convicted Of Killing Etan Patz, Boy Missing Since 1979

NEW YORK — A man has been convicted in one of the nation’s most haunting missing-child cases, nearly 38 years after 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared in New York City. Read more

ZeekRewards Founder Sentenced For Role In $850 Million Scam

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Back in 2012, people lined around the block of what used to be the ZeekRewards building in Lexington, expecting to cash out bids they made on the penny auction website, only to later find out they were part of most likely the largest Ponzi scheme in US history. Read more

Former Boss of Nigerian Oil Firm In $10M Cash Probe

A former head of Nigeria’s state-run oil firm is under investigation after almost $10 million in cash was found at a property he owns. Read more