It’s hard to stay quiet on this subject of FAKE NEWS or GLOBAL CYBER ATTACKS because this is exactly what our inside sources at TOTPI started reporting to the FBI in November of 2013. Read more

Hackers Threaten To Shut Down Xbox Live And Playstation Network

If you were planning to spend a good amount of time gaming on your PlayStation or Xbox gaming consoles this Christmas, be warned. A group of hackers who only recently launched cyber attacks against Tumblr, have threatened to attack both Xbox Live and Sony’s PSN (PlayStation Network) on Christmas day and take them both down, Forbes reports. Read more

Is 9-1-1 Protected Against Cyber-Attack?

The 911 emergency phone lines are critical to US national security, and their infrastructure is considered one of the 16 most critical systems in the nation, with the government investing resources in it accordingly. Read more

Russia Accused of Series of International Cyber-Attacks

Berlin – Germany’s domestic secret service accused Russia on Friday of a series of international cyber attacks aimed at spying and sabotage, in “hybrid warfare” that also targeted the German parliament last year. Read more

Newark Police Department Computers Hacked

NEWARK — A cyber attack against the Newark Police Department computer network shut down various systems used by the department for several days last week, NJ Advance Media has learned. Read more

NYT: U.S. Planned Major Cyber Attack On Iran If Diplomacy Failed

While negotiating with Iran, the US formulated a comprehensive plan to target major Iranian military facilities with cyber-attacks. Washington was preparing for the possibility that the talks, aimed at curbing Tehran’s renegade nuclear program, would fail and Iran would lash out at America or its regional allies, The New York Times reported Wednesday. Read more

‘Israel’s Electrical Grid Attacked In Massive Cyber Attack’

As Israelis cranked up their heaters during the current cold snap, the Public Utility Authority was attacked by one of the largest cyber assaults that the country has experienced, Minister of Infrastructure, Energy and Water Yuval Steinitz said on Tuesday. Read more

What Prompted Israeli Warning About Pending Cyber Attack?

When the National Cyber Defense Authority warned on Thursday that Israel could be targeted by a cyber terror attack within hours, it was not initially clear what information the urgent warning was based on. Read more