Another NYPD Cop Tries To Retire Amid FBI Corruption Probe

Yet another high-ranking NYPD officer has put in his retirement papers amid the FBI’s gift-for-favors probe into the department. Read more

NYC Man Charged For Ponzi Scheme In NYPD Gifts-For Favors Police Scandal

A former Manhattan restaurant owner has been arrested on charges that he ran a $12 million Ponzi scheme, prosecutors said on Friday, in a case that a source said was linked to an ongoing corruption probe involving the New York Police Department. Read more

Calling It Not A Good Day For NYPD, Bratton Get More Heads Rolling After Cop Link To Police Buffs Investigation

New York – The NYPD has put on modified assignment and transferred four top officials in connection with an investigation into whether officers accepted free trips and other perks from Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish communities. Read more