The DEA Is Fighting America’s Most Dangerous Opioid From The Sky

The helicopter hovered 1,500 feet above a stately prewar building across the street from Central Park, well known to “Seinfeld” fans as Elaine’s apartment in the early episodes of the sitcom. Read more

NYPD Take Down 32-Member Drug Ring In NYC

A 32-member crack cocaine-trafficking ring was brought down and 21 members hauled into a Manhattan courtroom on conspiracy and related charges Wednesday. Read more

Teen, 16, In Coma Near Death After Taking ‘Red Skull’ Ecstasy

A Scottish teen had an eye-opening experience last week after she suffered life-threatening side effects from a drug she tried at a party. Read more

Pennsylvania Police Surpass 2,000 Drug Overdose Reversals

Police officers in Pennsylvania have saved more than 2,000 people who overdosed on opioid drugs since they began carrying naloxone in late 2014 in response to the epidemic of opioid addiction and overdoses. Naloxone, which comes in injectable and nose spay versions, can reverse an opioid overdose. Read more

DEA official Says Congress Is Protecting Drug Makers

A former top Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) official has accused Congress of putting pharmaceutical company profits ahead of public health in the battle to combat the US’s prescription opioid epidemic. Read more

NYPD Make Multi-Million Dollar Drug Bust In Brooklyn, 2 Arrested

NEW YORK — Detectives uncovered a $10 million Brooklyn drug operation that included liquefied pot used in e-cigarettes when they stopped a U-Haul truck stuffed with hundreds of pounds of marijuana hidden among furniture, police said Friday. Read more